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The most AMAZING city in the world!


Hi people!
I’m currently in Auckland, having got here yesterday and completely forgot about my blog until my wonderful mother reminded me! So much has happened in a week, I hope I can remember it all!

So before I even arrived in Sydney I had problems. At the airport they would not let me check in as I didn’t have a visa! Opps! Didn’t realise I needed one of those! It was touch and go for a few hours, and I had come to terms with the fact I would have to spend an extra night in Asia and change my flight, but the visa came through right at the last minute! Phew! Stress over!

A long flight later I arrived in Sydney exhausted so the first thing I did (after using public transport all the way to the hostel – clever me!) is sleep! After my quick cat nap, I took a walk around the city. Couldn’t resist having a quick peep at the harbour, with the bridge and the Opera house. It a real amazing sight It just such an iconic image and being there is quite overwhelming! On my way to the harbour, I popped in to see my old friend Abby, a girl I lived with a long time ago who moved out here about 6 years ago! We made plans to meet the next day for a good old catch up! I made my way back to the hostel to meet some girls I had met in Vietnam, Becky and Georgie for a drink. At the hostel I also met a lovely girl called Jen from Wales and after a quick drink with the other girls we went to the harbour for night time look and had a gorgeous meal there of fish and wine! Good times! I had mussels and they were the biggest mussels I had ever seen! Very yummy!

So the next day me and Jen decided to explore the city on foot, making our way to Hyde Park, had a look into the cathedral (I found it very morbid, compared to the bright and colourful temples of Asia!). We then made our way to the Botanical Gardens where there were loads of big spiders! EW! And also there were hundreds of bags hanging in the trees! They had ginger hair which I thought was quite funny!! We then made our way to the harbour (again!) but came round the other side through the Botanical Gardens to see it from a different angle. Still breath-taking!! We then decided to walk around it for some lunch and whilst we were suddenly everyone seemed to be running… there were hundreds of runners! All in groups, stampeding their way through us! It was so random and funny! Everyone seems to go running on their lunch break! Running up and down stairs, running along the harbour, we couldn’t get away from them! Felt like we should have been running too!! The afternoon consisted of shopping, which is a very easy thing to do in Sydney as amazing shops are everywhere but it’s very expensive and made me very sad that I couldn’t have a huge spending spree!

That evening I met Abby and we went for a drink and some food at the Opera Bar, one of her favourite bars that overlook the bridge and the Opera House! Honestly you can never get tired of that view! We had so much to catch up on there just wasn’t enough time! She also took me to a very posh revolving bar! Amazing!

So in the morning I and Jen got up for some more walking around Sydney! This time we went through China Town and up to Darling Harbour! Not as pretty as Circular Quay (where the bridge and Opera house are!) We then decided to walk around to Circular Quay to get the ferry to Manly Beach. On the way round I saw a perfect photo opportunity and as I love my jumping shots, I decided to jump of this pillar at the side of the harbour with the bridge in the background. After jumping, I realised a flip-flop was missing, and peered down and there it was, floating in the water! It was about 8ft down so there was no way I could get it!! So I had to walk with no flip-flops (I threw the other one away) until I found a shop, which surely isn’t that hard to find around Sydney. We walked and walked, then I got surrounded my grammar school kids come out for lunch. I prayed that they didn’t notice I was wearing no shoes!! We walked further and further until we got to the Rocks which is one the other side of Circular Quay. And what do I end up walking past? Australian Fashion Week. WITH NO SHOES ON!!!! Oh dear I was so embarrassed!! I quickly walked away and found a souvenir shop and bought the first pair I could find, with Australia written over them and they were way too big, but I did not care! I needed those shoes!! So drama over, we popped on the Ferry to Manly beach, had some lovely Fish and Chips for lunch and chilled out. It was a bit chilly though, but I bet in the summer it is awesome! Seagulls everywhere mind you, and they are so much scarier than pigeons.
The next day me and Jen decided to go to the zoo. Toronga Zoo. We took the ferry and saw loads cool animals, koalas, kangaroos, wallaby’s, and giraffes! Loads! I wanted to see the duck billed platypus but it was hiding so I didn’t get to see it. We then headed back into the mainland where Jen went off to do her Harbour Bridge climb and I went off to the contempery art museum and then back to the hostel to get ready for a home cooked meal courtesy of Abby and her boyfriend Olly. Her friends Charli and Coops came round as well and we got merry on wine then Ate a gorgeous chicken casserole and mash potato! YUMMY! I have missed a good home cooked meal. I can wait till I get my own place and am able to cook.

Another early morning rise for me and Jen, we decided to go to Bondi Beach. But before that, we headed to Coogie Beach and had a snooze on the beach under the sun Lovely jubly. The decided to walk the coastline where we saw loads of cool views, loads of cool bays and then 2 hour later we arrived at Bondi!! Fish and chips on the beach? Yes please! There was loads of cool graffiti there where they have actually let graffiti artists paint the walls. Amazing. In the evening we went out with Georgie and Becky and also Jennie and Sara some other girls I met in Vietnam! Major reunion!! Got a little drunk and me and Jen got a pie face (PIES! YUM!) AND subway on the way home. Greedy ladies.

The next day I said goodbye to Jen and it was my last day in Sydney. So I went to the Autumn Music Festival in Surry Hills with Abby, Olly and Charli and met a gorgeous girl called Jen! (Too many Jens/Jennys in Oz!) The weather was lush, the music was banging, we got very merry, danced a lot and I had about one hours sleep before I had to get a taxi to the airport at 5 in the morning! I was not feeling too dandy getting to the airport, or on the plane! But it was so worth it!

I had such an amazing time in Sydney, a lot more than I thought I was! It was so sad to leave, but I am planning on going back for New Year, or maybe to work after New Zealand. Who knows what the future holds!

Lots of love,

Soph xx

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