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The Start of Queenstown

My First week in a winter paradise!



I have completed my first week in Queenstown! And to be honest, I haven’t really done much, so apologies if this blog entry is a bit short of excitement!

So I arrived in Queenstown (finally after all the drama about my flights). The first thing that hit me was the cold! I have arrived at the start of winter, but after the heat of Asia and the autumn weather in Sydney, I’m not quite used to frost! :) The second was the gorgeous views at every turn, I am surrounded by mountains. Lush. I checked into Base hostel and went to see the housekeeping people and got a job to pay for my accommodation! That put a lot less pressure on me because I don’t have to pay for a bed, and now I just need to find a paying job!

The work for accommodation was basically me making beds, hovering, and doing odd jobs here and there. 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and I stay in the staff quarters. Now Base hostel isn’t the nicest place in the work, I wasn’t too sure I would be able to put up with it. It’s a party hostel, and my room (where the workers stay) never gets clean. Nice. So it smelt pretty rank and there was so much mess. Mmmm… well at least I’m not paying for it!

I met up with Jen, who I met in Sydney. She’s doing a road trip around New Zealand with her mate Lianne who lives in Wellington. It was great to see a familiar, friendly face and her friend was really nice too, she even offered me a bed in her apartment in Wellington when I’m there! Lovely girl. After a couple glasses of wine and some food, the girls had to get off as they had an early start of driving. I went back to my hostel where some of the people there were getting ready to go on a bar crawl. I joined them! (Had to make some new friends after all). The bar crawl was alright, I ended up spending no money because you get a free drink at each bar so that was a bonus. I met some weird people and some great people. The girls in my dorm thought I was amazing that night, but then the next day hardly spoke to me. Nice. They were all like 20 and idiots so I wasn’t really that bothered. I ended up spending most the night with a guy called Beethoven (I kid you not) and he seemed cool and we pretty much took the mickey out of all the girls who go out with hardly any clothes on in the dead of winter and get with any guys that will take them! Ha! Young’uns eh?

I spent the next few days doing my housekeeping job and then watching films. And then one day I got a call from a girl called Fiona from another hostel in Queenstown called Bumbles, asking whether I’m still looking for work for accommodation .Err yeah! Get me away from the dump that is Base! I went to go check out the hostel, which is a gorgeous small hostel, clean and modern. Lovely! I moved out the next day to Bumbles. Again, I’m in the workers accommodation which isn’t as nice as the actual hostel rooms but it’s still ten times better than Base! For one, we actually clean our rooms! EVERYDAY! Oh the little things. All the rooms have separate entrances to each other too, so no annoying people waking you up in the hallway in the middle of the night. It’s like a little flat, our own bathroom and toilet and a bigger room with fewer beds. AND the other girls working there are lovely, made me feel right at home. We all went out for lunch, courtesy of the management. It just nice when people will actually speak to you instead of be rude and obnoxious, which I seem to find quite a lot. I’m a lot happier at Bumbles. I can see myself staying here where I couldn’t at Base. Plus I only have to work 5 days instead of 6. Sorted.

I’ve also been trying to find a job. I went into so many bars and restaurants with my CV, but they all told me the same thing, I’m 2 weeks too early. Perseverance! I’m positive about trying to find a job. It is quiet here at the moment but I’m going to go in every week to show my face, get to know the employers and hopefully they will give me a job! I had an interview for duty manager at a restaurant called Luciano’s that is reopening at the beginning of June. I don’t think I'll get it though; the owner asked me no questions, just told me about his vision and then said he would let me know. But I have applied for a few others and then this week I am going to go round again asking for jobs! I’m going to give myself 4 weeks, and if I can’t get a job, I will move on to somewhere where I can find a job! I hope I don’t have to though; I want to stay here for the winter.

So wish me luck with the job search. And any donations are welcome :) just kidding!

Lots of love,

Soph xx

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