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Ninh Binh & Tam Coc

Limestone cliffs, rice paddies and cycling on a freeway!


Hey Hey!

So me and Lindsey went on a little detour toa town called Ninh Binh, about 3 hours south of Hanoi, before making the long journey to Hoi An. We met some cool American guys on the bus, then got dropped off in the middle of the town, not knowing where the clue to go! The nice people at our hotel picked us up though, on motorbikes! Now, I do have the love of motorbikes now... but not with my heavy backpack! I got on the bike, but my big rucksack nearly went over my head and i nearly fell off head first! The nice men around helped me get back on, laughing as they did!

After a slow but scary 5 min ride we arrived at our hotel, and the lovely people gave us some sort of food, which we think was a type of potato, and you put sugar on it and eat it. Yum, I like anything with sugar on! :) It was pretty late, so we had an early night.

The next day we decided to rent some bicycles and cycle to Tam Coc. These bikes were so old and rusty! And we had to ride on busy roads (the pavements are full of people selling stuff, so there is no way we could of cycled on there! We made it past a very confusing junction and then onto a lovely wide road... a freeway!! AHHHH!!! Big lorries and buses were driving past us, honking their horns!! Scary indeed. But fun at the same time! We cycled 8 km to the entrance of Tam Coc, then the road was smaller and alot quieter. We both raced these vietnamese lads who were both on the same bike. We won :)

We got to the end of the road, where the river is and got some of the vietnamese straw hat things (because we are proper tourists!) and got on our own row boat with this lovely woman and her son, rowing us down the river where we were surrounded by rice paddies and huge limestone cliffs jutting out of them! Beautiful! Dare I say it... better than Halong Bay? Maybe because it was sunny and hot! We went through caves and there was a restaurant there too! We reached the half way point of the ride, which is a dead endand you have to turn round and go the same way back. We got aggressively sold to by peopl on boats, to which we were being very polite and said no! :) We then started to make our way back, and all the people from the restaurant we had just past had finished their lunch and were all getting back on their row boats. This cause major carnage! A boat traffic jam! everyones pushing to get by! Pretty funny! We got out of it without falling out of the boat, which I think is a success!

On our way back, the lady rowing us tried to start selling us things. Again, being very polite, we said no. Then she stopped and changed boats and we got a new rower. Pretty scary again, the boats were rocking and I thought we were going to fall out! We didnt - hurrah!

We finally got back to the port and the new rower woman was being pretty aggressive and asking us for a tip! We were going to tip anyway, but its so annoying when they ask first! We tipped and then she asked for more! We walked off, getting pretty annoyed at the constant selling and asking for money. Its the worse I've had it since weve been here, so it kinda spoiled it.

We made our way back on our rusty bikes. It was all going so well until by chain on my bike fell off! NOOOO! We couldnt for the lives of us get it back on, so I flaged down 3 vietnamese schoolboys on their bikes to help us. Bless em, they took a good 20mins, getting their hands all dirty, but they fixed it for me! Very kind!

We then had to go back to our hotel to pack, to get the sleeper bus to Hoi An. After waiting over and hour and a half on the side of the road in the dark, our bus finally arrived! Phew! The nest day we arrived in Hue, and had to wait 4 hours for the bus to Hoi An. I was going to stay the night in Hue, but there isnt much there to do! So we finally got on the last bus, and arrived in Hoi An.. after nearly 24 hours travelling! Exhausting or What!!!??? Thats the life of a traveller!

Love you all lots

Soph xx

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Tribes and Trekking!


So straight after Halong Bay, (literally 4 hours after!) me and a lovely scottish lass called Lindsey headed on the overnight train to Sapa. Even getting the train was an experience! In Thailand it seemed pretty easy to do, but a girl from the hostel took us and it was pure madness to get on the train! Then when we were finally on our way, it rocked so much!!! And then stopped suddenly! The jutted and started, and rocked from side to side! I didnt think I was going to survive the night! But we did:) good times, and thenan hour on the bus and we arrived in Sapa.

As soon as we arrives, we hadnt even got off the bus when tribes women came over amazed at my hair! And there as one called Ho that kept following us around! We found a hotel and had a quick nap then ventured out for the afternoon where Ho was waiting for us! The we had something to eat and she waited for us outside the restaurant! Then we decided to walk up to the view point which u had to pay to do so she didnt follow us there! hehe! The literally follow you for you to buysomething, but are really friendly and you just get chatting!

We started to make our way up and up and up! Found a freaky park area with loads of weird statues... it was so bizarre! We finally made it up to the top (it was hard work!) but the views were so worth it! We cracked open a beer and watchd the sun set over the mountains. Amazing! The clouds come over and cover the whole villiage! Its amazing! Was literally up in the clouds!

We headed back down when we realised the clouds were coming our way! By the time we got back to the villaige the whole place was emmersed in clouds! It was so misty! Then suddenly we were surrounded by children wanting to sell us stuff ad we could say no! They were so cute! I then gave them some pencils and they looked a little bewildered to why I was given them stuff! So cute!

That night, a guy tha worked at our hotel called Oliver (vietnamese but english name!) Said he would show us around the town! Brilliant! His friend called Gorden came too... I think they just made up their names or we couldnt say it properly! So they took us to this local cafe where we had pigs feet!!! The told us it was tails, but I had a claw!!!! EWWWWWWW! I tried it but I couldnt eat it, so they also got us some chicken and beef noodle soup bless em! nd they gave us alot of Happy Water - as in Tequila! We then went to a bar for a couple more drinks, but we didnt want to stay out too late, because we were going for a trek in the morning!!

Then next morning we got up (no hangover thank Buddha!) and met a lovely trbes woman called Khu who we had me the day before. She was taking us on the trek, then we would get to stay in her villiage overnight. We had to climb mountains! Walked for hours! Got to see some amazing views. Had lunch on a hiltop field which reminded me of the Sound Of Music! Met a few more women from her tribe who were working the land, so we gave a hand too! Then found some marajuana that was growing there! Apparently it grows everywhere and isnt illegal here! Weird! We then walked more and more and started desecending to her village.

It was so basic, nothing like at home, but they have built everything themselves which is amazing! And there was a proper toilet (a whole in the ground) which is all you need! There were pigs running about, chickens, goats, dogs, cats! They dont name any of their animals! :( We got playing with the kids (throwing cow pat at each other with a stick!) and tried to teach them the maccarana! They got really engrossed in our digital cameras! We got to see a real different way of life which was amazing! We then had an amazing homecooked dinner - cooked by Khu herself over a fire - of tofu, crayfish, rice and veg. SO YUMMY!!! We then chilled by the fire, where the kids proceded to braid all our hair. Aparently they were asking why I was so white! Bless. Then Linsdey got some tibal medicine for her sour throat and headache! The Sore throat was treated by spit and pulling the nick so it bruises! Nice! And the headache is treated by getting a buffalo horn, filling it with embers and sticking it to your forehead until it hurts, leaving perfect circle bruise! Lindsey looked like she had been tortured after! I was feeling fine so didnt need any! :)

We had a decent night sleep then wke up really early for some breakfast. Was a little bit scared of breakfast, but it was noodles that were really tasty so I was happy! We then went to meet the Shaman but he wasnt in. :( The Shaman is the spiritual leader of the villiage, so if people want to build a house, he will tell you were the good andbadspirits are. Amazing! Pretty gutted I didnt get to meet him.

We then had to say our goodbyes to the wonderful kids and start our trek back. We went down the mountain to places Im sure we shouldnt of been walking but Khu made it look so easy! We went through rice paddies, saw water buffalos, loads more pigs and dogs! There were quite a few tourist around this area, but Khu is goodun and akes us off the beats track. We headed up a mountain again followed by another 3 tribes women (who helped me not fall to my death!) Up and Up we went, finally getting to a resting place where I got a bit emotional! Just culdnt believe I was where I was, and Im really proud of myself being able to do the trek! Its so different from what Im used to! Bit overwhelming! It was not easy I assure you! We went up and down and up and down, to find a gorgeous waterfall! Put our feet into the refreshing water! Nearly got chucking in my Lindsey! Then we made our way up our final hill. Thank god it was, Khu had to push me up the last bit. We were both so exhausted!!! Khus husband and friend then picked us up on their motorbikes and drove us back to town. Not before the 3 othe women following us over the mountain for hours on end tried to sell us something! Felt really bad because they had been helping me along the way! But i didnt have any money, the money I did have was going to Khu and her family!!

We got back to the villaige after an amazing but bumpy bike ride, we said goodbye to Khu :( and got a massage, something to eat before the bus back to Hanoi! We were exhausted, sweaty and dirty! But no time for shower! Our bus was brilliant! It was like a disco! Multicoloured lights, beds on bus! It was geat for about an hour, then we realised we had another 12 hours!! NOOOO! Slept much of it, but it was pretty scary at times! Finally made it back to a wet and muddy Hanoi, found the hostel and had a shower! I have never been so relieved to have a shower!!!!!

So its been a pretty intense few days, but I am so proud of myself for what Ive achieved and what Ive seen and learnt! Vietnam just gets better and better!

Me and Lindsey and now going to Ninh Binh then Il be going to Hue in a few days :)

Until the next time.

Soph xx

p.s Vietnam has some avversion to facebook, so it may take me a while to get the pics up!

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Halong Bay

My dream becoming a (drunken) reality!


Hello my sweets,

So I spent 2 days in Halong Bay, the place Ive been most excited to go! We went with the hostel that I had been staying at... and its a booze cruise! Oh dear. On the bus there I was telling people how long Ive been wanting to go there and everyone was really excited for me bless em, so I didnt feel to much like an idiot getting over excited going there!

It took 4 hours from Hanoi to get to the Bay, then we got o our boat and had a couple of drinks. The tour guides were trying to get everyone really drunk straight away, but that didnt really happen! haha! I got to jump off the top of the boat into the water, which was scary/amazing/freezing!!! I couldnt not do it though :)

We then went kayakking around the bay (with a couple of cans of beer!) went into caves, had a tour guide tell us about the history of Halong Bay and the local peopl tht live there! Theres actually people that just live in the bay and never go to main land! Amazing! They also say there is 1969 mountains around Halong Bay, but infact theres more. The reason they say this number, because that is the year Ho Chi Minh died and he is their God here! A nice little tribute I think.

We also got to go to one of the floating villiages (one where TopGear filmed!) But only got to stay there a minute or so because we all took so long docking it! haha it was hilarious! These vietnamese fishing men shouting at us because we all came crashing in at the same time! Doh!

We went back to our boat and had some food. The food was by far the best I have tasted this whole trip! Prawns, Snapper, rice, chicken, noodles, beef, tofu! OH HOW I LOVE TOFU! You wouldnt of thought it? hehe.

Then there was loads of drinking going on. The tour guid were idiots and kept having a go at us because they wanted us to play stupid drinking games where poeple take shots out of other people bum cracks!! Errrr... no! So we ended up having our own party and it was loads of fun! I thought it wasgoing to be a proper allnighter but suddenly at 2am, everyone had gone to bed! And they call themselves party anmals! TUTUT!

I got up extra early the next morning to see sunrise! But it was so foggy and misty that it was impossible. But I just wanted to take it all in. It was beautiful. The mist and fog added a bit of mystery to it all. I would definatly wanted to go back when its summer though:)

We then got some breakfast, had a sail around the bay before heading back. I really enjoyed it, but I think I would of prefered to not go on a boze cruise and get my own boat with people! But you cant have regrets in this life hey, and I definatly want to go back! I think, there was quite alot of rubbish in some parts which was sad, and I think it will only get worse. :(

Ah well, Im still chuffed to bits Ive been to a place that I wanted to go for sooooo long!

Soph xx

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Ayutthaya, and Hanoi... via Bangkok!

So many places with so little time!


Hello my dears!

What an exhausting few days!! I went to Ayutthaya for the day afetr one night in Chiang Mai! Another sleeper train, was supposed to get into Ayutthaya at 5am but didnt get there til 7am! I didnt mind so much, at least I didnt get there in the dark when everywhere was closed!

Got to my hotel (I booked my own room with a bit of luxury to spoil myself!) But couldnt check in till 11am! Basically fell asleep in their reception which I dont think they liked because I got my room an hour earlier than expected! Bonus! My room had airson which was amazing because I forgot how hot it was when you get further south! I went walking around the small city for about 5 hours, sweating so much I was disgusting! Got to see loads of old ruins of temples and palaces, because Ayutthaya used to be Thailands Capital before the Burmese invaded and they relocated to Bangkok! After a hard day seeing the sights, I decided to treat myself to a massage - neck, back and shoulder please! However I didnt realise I had walked into a special Thai Massage place, so I got tortured for the next 45mins!!! THE PAIN! Dear lord, I didnt think i would make it through! My shoulders are still a bit sore now :) but I do feel a bit looser, so it must of worked!

I had a chilled night in my room, and went to bed early to catch the train to Bangkok in the morning. Got to the train station at about 10.30 to be told the next train wasnt till 1! It was way to hot for me to even bother trying to find a bus station in the hope of getting there earlier, so I just stuck around the train station, started talking to this very weird Thai man with red eyes who I think was trying to tell me he was a security guard but then kept showing me money and making weird hand gestures. He started to freak me out slightly, and then my train arrived! Hallelujah!!

I was in 3rd class (which was 15Baht... like 30p!!) and instead of taking 1 and half hours, it took 3... but to be honest, apart from the heat, I didnt mind. I was the only tourist there, everyone else was local and bless them, they helped me get my rucksack in the storage areas above, and scooched over to give me a seat. I ended up playing with a little Thai boy and his mum showed me which train station I needed. I could also immerse myself in the views of the beautiful Thai countryside and, once we were in the city, saw a completely different side of Thailand, the communities that live on the railways! A real insight to places I would normally see.

So after the train journey I had to make my way to the airport to drop off my rucksack (I hadnt booked a hostel and didnt want to lug it round with me!) Then made my way back into Bangkok to do some shopping. I didnt arrived there til half 5! LONG DAY! But I treated myself to a motorbike taxi through Bangkoks rush hour which was such an adrenaline rush! The driver was a maniac, but I came out of it unscathed!!! Amazing, ive really got the taste for biking! (Much to my mothers disliking :) dont worry, I will be careful!!)

I also met Steve (The first backpacker I met in PhiPhi) as he was also in Bangkok. We had a pretty chilled evening, got some food, caught up on our travel adventures. It was really good to meet up with him again because after all his advice he gave me, I was able to make the jump into proper solo travelling! I then made my way to the airport for a lovely 5 hour wait before my flight to Vietnam. Tried to sleep on the benches but that didnt really work. I was able to finally check in and went to immigration only for them to inform me that I had stayed 2 days over my visa! I had been and illegal immigrant for the past 2 days! NOOOOOOO!!! I only had to pay a fine (a bit annoying) but its better than a Thai jail!!! :)

Arrived in Hanoi after finally sleeping on my flight to COLD weather. Oh no, I hadnt prepared myself for being cold!! Got to the hostel at 9am, but could check in til 12! All I wanted was a shower and sleep, but they were really friendly, let me have some free breakfast and use their communal area until I could check in. Finally did that and had a shower and a sleep, then chilled at the hostel all day because all the museum are closed on a Monday :( but I was so exhausted I didnt really mind.

Towards the end of the night I was starting to get a bit panicky because I hadnt met anyone or spoke to anyone:( but suddenly struck up conversation with a cool girl called Emma and then met another 8 or so people she had met also! Score! Happy days. They are all so friendly, and the next day we all headed to the Ho Cho Minh Musuleum where Ho Cho Minh had been embalmed (hes been dead since 1969) and it was a bit weird really. We had to queue up in pairs and were practically marched towards his "tomb"... a real military feel! I felt quite sad actually seeing him, because his wishes were he wanted to be cremated, but they have left him open for everyone to see, every day thousands of people pay their respects to him... so I suppose thats a nice thing. But I wouldnt want my wishes to be ignored.

We then pondered around the ground and museum, then headed back to the hostel to sort out our trip to Halong Bay (WOOO!!) then me and a Scottish girl called Lindsey when shopping around the old quarter! I got myself a woolly hat (because its cold!) and a towel (because my travel towel WILL NOT DO!). Then Ive just been hanging out with the guys, a couple of beverages but am having an early night ready for the Halong Bay Part Boat tomorrow!! Oh god, wish me luck... its going to be mental! But Im glad Ive got a good bunch of chilled people so Il just hide behind then when all the debauchery is happening! Cannot wait for Halong Bay, Ive been wanting to go for so long... I hope it doesnt disappoint!!

Wish me luck, Il update you in a few days!!

Soph xx

P.S Pictures will be a bit delayed on facebook because the wifi here is crap!! plus, i dont think theyl have wifi on the boat... :)

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Hippies, Art, Waterfalls, Mountains, Motorbikes... and everything inbetween!!


Hello my beauties!!

So I have spent the last few days in a little hippy villiage called Pai in Northern Thailand, and I know I said Chiang Mai was my favorite, but now its Pai!!

We took the trecherous journey by bus up the winding roads up the mountain down again and arrived safe and sound! Found our hostel which was in the middle of a rice paddy field in a bamboo hut! Well all for the experience hey! the shower was a bamboo hut with the shower curtain as the door, which kept getting blown up with the wind! Pretty challenging shower! Me and Flin (the girl I met in Bangkok) then went for a walk around the villiage, which didnt take long because its very small! But the have hippy bars, gorgeous coffee shops and lots of arty things about! When walking down the street in the evening a scooter started beeping at us and it was another girl I met in Chaing Mai called Suzy! She had ridden all the way from Chiang Mai to Pai! Brave girl! We then sent to a cute little restaurant to have some food and the owners little girl decided she took a liking to my Pad Thai and so she started eatening it! So funny! I was finished with it anyway so i didnt mind too much! she was super cute! Her dad told us she would never eat it when he cooked it for her but she seem to love it from my plate! and the she wanted to drink my drink .... go for it! Then she ate Flin's dessert! Such cuteness!! We went for a couple of cocktails in one of the bars, and me and Flin decided to get an early night because we wanted to have a big explore the next day!!

So we walked back to our hostel, greeted with a full on party happening... right next to our dorm! Now, the walls are made of bamboo, and its not all sealed, so nothing stopping the noise! We went into our female only dorm and were greeted with a guy in there! Not happy!! Cockroaches! DEFINATLY NOT HAPPY!!! The earplugs went in and we tried to get some sleep on the rock hard beds! My bed was very bouncy... only because the guy had brought a girl into the dorm and was having a bit of love!!!! NO GOOD!!!! Plus it was absolutly freeeeeeeeezing at night!! Honeslt its so bizarre how te weather changes from place to place, it was boiling in the day but baltic at night (well not that bad but there was a chill in the air!) So we checked out the next day and went to a lovely place where our mate Suzy was staying.

So much better! Our bed it just a mattress on the floor, but its a big, sealed room with our own bathroom!! We went for some breakfast, met a german guy called Micheal and the hopped on the back of their scooters and drove around! I was slightly scared at first but it was amazing!!!! We headed to some hot springs, which was great apart from when your already hot from the weather, ou dont really want to go into a hot spring do you ah well we did anyway! Only after changing into our costumes and running away from 100's of spiders in the changing room!! AHHHH! We also walked up to the top of the spring where the water was 80degrees! On the walk back down we notice things moving on the ground, and it was thousands upon thousands of these spiders covering the floor!! What did we do? SCREAM AND RUN! Got back to the main bit of the springs and loads of people were laughing at us!

After the springs, we headed to the Japenese world war 2 memorial bridge which was pretty cool. Its where the japenese made the people of Pai build a bridge over the river to the could attack Burma easier! Something like that anyway! We then went to the Pai Canyon which was beautiful! Suzy decided to walk around it, it only took her 20 minutes so it was a teeny canyon, but all the same, i wasnt going to walk around it! It then took us a while to find a waterfall, there are so many in the area but we couldnt find one! No worries, the ride on the bike was exciting enough! We finally found one after going through some small villages, whos residents were trying to sell us weed or opium as we drove past! Hilarious! We reached this gorgeous waterfall which had about 3 tiers to it. Surrounded by smooth grey rocks, it was a place you could waste the day at! Lush!!

We headed back to Darling View Point (where we were staying) for a quick rest before going out for something to eat at night. Pai is such a small place, and we just kept bumping into people we had met in Chiang Mai, before we knew it, instead of 4 there were about 10 of us all going out for a meal. Good thai grub and interesting conversation followed, as well as a few cocktails :)

The next day, Suzy left to go stay on a farm with a host from couchsurfers but me and Flin had got the bug for mopeds!!! Hell with it! Lets rent one! After a yummy breakfast at our favorite cafe (we went every morning!) and bumping into another guy, Robert that we had originally met in Chang Mai (love Pai!) we headed back to our guesthouse where the lovely owners let us use their pink moped (natching pink helmet!) and showed us how to drive it! I was being a bit of a scaredy cat! Went a few meters up the road, stopped, everyone shouted at me to carry on and i was like "I dont want too!!" haha! Flin was much more of a natural than me!! Then a couple we had met in Chiang Mai and again in Pai, Cassie and Tres, appeared, so we showed them how to ride it! SO funny!! We got the hang of it after a couple of turns, so all rented our own! Madness I know, but it was so good! The only way to see Pai and its surrounding beauty! Me and Flin tried to find a nearby waterfall, only to get there and realise it was a 7km walk! HELL NO!!! But we decided to explore the river and jungle around, but Flin disappeared and I was left on my own, ankle deep in river not know where to go!! The suddenly a one eyed dog appeared and showed me how to get to the other side of the river. He then showed me the way to go until we reached a bend in the river and even the dog got confused! "Lets go back" I said, so we went back the was we came and waited for Flin to appear only a couple of minutes later! I kid you not, that dog saved me from getting lost in the jungle! We then turned our moped round, well I tried, but souldnt so a very kind stranger man pushed it through the sandy, dusty road till it got smoother! Flin needed no help, she was a natural at this after all! We then went for cake at a gorgeous coffe shop with a stunning view! Found another waterfall! Then just drove, not knowing where the hell we were heading, but the country roads are so quiet, and the countryside gorgeous! Little Thai school kids leaving their school and waving at us when we drove past! We then decided to try and find a temple of a hill that was sign posted and ended up goin up a steep hill practilly made of gravel. I only made it half way up, then stopped because i couldnt bare it anymore! How was I going to get down? Flin being the superwoman that she is with no fear whatsoever kept going, returning 5 mins later saying it had only got worse! She coached me back down the steep hill and Im alive to tell the story! hahah!

We then drove aimlessy again, just because we could! Found some poor elephants at the roadside chained up waiting for tourists to ride them. It was a sad sight poor things! The sun was starting to set so we headed back into the villiage to wander the nightly market there, and eat lots of street food! Here we bumped into Cassie and Tres again, went around with them for a bit, then go a couple of drinks and headed back to the guesthouse where there is a bonfire burning so we sat around it having a few drinks and telling tales of travels! Cassie and Tres have been to so many interesting places and have so many amazing stories to tell, they tell their stories amazingly well, i was in awe of them!! The after a few beers, Cassie started singing and performing that dance song from Sonique.... "youre loving feels so good, and that what makes me high!" Ah you had the be there. But their humour is hilarious!!! A little Thai woman called Darling (who owns and works at the guesthouse) arrived and oh my god, she is the cutest woman ever! I dont know how to describe her but she gets so excited, jumping up and down! She wasnt feeling too good because she has a bike accident earlier in the day, but we told her we loved her and that go her jumping :)

The Next day, we set of early to get some breakfast in the usual place, bumped into cassi and Tres AGAIN! and we all went riding around together! Another cake at the gorgeous coffee shop? Yes please! We drove and drove, where to? we dont know! But it as amazing being on the road, taking everything in, seeing the countryside and the small villiages, waving at the locals. Seriously I felt like I was free! Amazing experience, one I think Il keep with me forever... or Ill just get a moped when i get home :) Flin and I had to get the bud back to Chiang Mai in the afternoon, so we gave back our moped (SOB!) and hitched a ride on Cassie and Tres bikes back to the guesthouse. Darling was there telling us about how she started the guesthouse, how her bar and shop in the villaige was destroyed by the floods, so she came uphill, camped on this mad until some backpackers came and camped with her, and she said they could stay for free if they built their bungalow. SO the did! and it went from there! She was even saying we could stay for free if we helped out and that there are people that have stayed here for months helping her. She was showing us how she had no money whatsoever, and she doesnt buy anything for herself, just for other people. She goes to villiages and looks after the elderly an the young children. The clothes on her back is what someone gave to her. She then gave us girls all a bracelet nd wanted nothing in return. She is such an inspring lady, does so much for everyone and expects nothing in return. But whilst we were there, some guy had stayed for like 10 nights, and ate there everyday and got his laundry done, then just left without paying! She doesnt understand why someone would do that and she got upset! She just wants to be loved, so we told her we loved her and off she went, jumping up and down, her smile as wide as it could be! What a beautiful human being. Makes me smile just thinking of her.

So yeah, Pai has been amazing. Done so much in such a small space of time and met (and re-met) some amazing people. Me and Flin didnt really want to leave, but I need to get back to Bangkok for my flight to Vietnam, and Flin wants to see some elephants! So all I have now is some unbelievable memories, and some helmet hair that just wont go away! hehe.

Until The next time,

Peace and Love!!

Soph xxx

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