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Phi Phi and Koh Lanta

Living the beach life


Hello my sweets,

What a difference a couple of days and change of scenery makes! After our interesting jungle experience, we were ready for the beach life! And thats exactly what we got!

After and hour and a half on a boat, we arrived in the paradise that is Koh Phi Phi (Pronounced Pee-Pee... hehe). We hadnt booked any accomodation so as soon as we got there, we found a beach side bar, and I sat with the rucksacks while the girls went to go find us our beds for the night. We didnt realise how difficult this would be, as there was so many boats coming in and so many people doing the same thing! We ended up in this hotel on the far side of Tonsai Bay ( The bay we sailed into) in this brand new room which was a bit like a bachelor pad but it was lush! We needed a bit of luxury after the jungle! We got a decent price for it aswell, because it was literally in a construction site, the rest of the hotel wasnt finished as they were expanding but obviously wanted to get some money for the rest of the rooms. It was nice being further up so at night it was quiet and we werent woken by the bars!
There were 2 beachs really close together, we stayed on the Tonsai bay side, but literally 300m away was the other beach... Ive forgotten what its called but that was the main backpacker area. The sea was so shallow because they were both bays but the water was clear and walm! Proper paradise! The town inbetween the two beachs were small winding lanes which really added to the beach atmosphere! really charming if i do say so myself!
On the second day the girls went on a party boat around the island. I was feeling a little sick in the morning so decided not to go, plus feeling a bit homesick (i know, ive only been gone a week but id miss everyone so much!) so i chilled in the hotel for a bit and then in the afternoon laid on the beach, soaking in the sun and going for a dip in the sea when it got a bit too hot... which was quite often! Here I met another backpacker called Steve and chilled with him for the next 2 days. He gave me loads of advice on the whole backpacking thing and it was good meeting someone who has been doing it for a couple of months so he could pass on his words of wisdom to me!! We chilled on the beach until bed time.
The next day, the girls met a few other girls they had met on the party boat and went on a trek around the island. A trek? in this heat? Hell no! You just have to stand out in the sun for 5 mins and i start becoming a right sweaty betty! So I went to chill on the beach (not before sending some stuff to Abby in Oz - my rucksack was getting a bit heavy to handle!) where I met Steve again. We went for some lunch (penne arriabiata - couldnt go too long without having my favorite meal!) and then went up to the viewpoint where u see the famous view of Phi Phi Island. I climbed what seemed like a million stairs (steep aswell!) and my god, i thought i was going to die... note to self, must get fitter! The view was well worth it though!
After a quick dip in the sea to cool down from the climb we went to a local cafe for some of the yummiest fried rice i have ever tasted!! In there, the owner showed us a book on the Asian Tsunami. It had loads of pictures of the devastation it caused. It was surreal to think where we were was destroyed by it. They literally had to rebuild everything again and it shows the strenght of the Thai people, because the just got on with it and didnt dwell on the tradegy. Some thing we can all learn from and realise how lucky we all are.

I had to say goodbye to Steve because the next day we made our way to Koh Lanta. Another hour and a half on the boat and we arrived to manic shouting - reps from all resorts shouting their resort name. We learnt our lesson from Phi Phi and prebooked our accomodation and found our man shouting "Palm Beach, Palm Beach!" Manic but fun! He couldnt say Charlottes name either - kept saying "Sharlotty"! Ah I suppose you had to be there! We took a short trip in a small pickup that had been fitted out with bench to our accomodation. They had overbooked! No need to worry! Upgrade for us! Just meant we were closer to the beach than we were suppose to be, but Im not complaining!!
Koh Lanta is alot different to PhiPhi. A lot less beautiful but the beaches are so much bigger. The sea is deep and clear and cold which is great because it seems so much hotter here! We kept getting stings in the sea - god knows what from but its a small price to pay to cool down! Its a lot less busy here and a much more chilled vibe. All there is to do is chill on the beach! Not that im complaining :) We wacthed the sunset and it was so gorgeous!
The girls have gone to find a market, I figured im going to see plenty of markets when I travel further afield so Ive found myself a bar on the beach called The O Zone (think Orange tree on the beach) Got myself a bamboo gazebo type thing to stay in the shade, a mai tai and wifi. Happy Sophie!
Tomorow we travel to Koh Phagnan for the full moon party. We thought it was on Wednesday but turns out it is tomorrow! So its going to be a long day of travelling and then straight of to the debauchery of the party! My next blog will have all the tales from it (I can remember them :))

I was doing so well with the mosquito bite situation, until about 2 days ago and now they wont stop biting me! Ah a small price to pay I suppose!

The rest of my photos on are facebook -


Miss you all so much! All your messages make me very happy :)

Lots of love,

Soph xx

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Khao Sok

The jungle "experience"


Heyho my dears,

Just got back from 3 days in the jungle, and my God what an experience!! We first went to a monkey forest which was nice to see lovely cute monkeys! The wernt so cute if you had bananas to give you them - because they would then practically attack you! I did not have any bananas so i was fine :)

We then went for an elephant ride through the rainforest to get you a waterfall. All very nice, the elephant rise was less relaxing than i thought, I had to hold on to dear life in parts!! Then the waterfall was the most pathetic waterfall I have ever seen, but it was pretty so I didnot mind :)

We then made our way to our first nights accomodation which were treehouses. It was pretty basic, only a fan, bed and toilet/shower room but it was pretty cute and the setting was gorgeous. We went on a canoe ride down the river and saw a snake in a tree!! We were supposed to go on a night safari but it got cancelled because it started raining! Bad times, so we had an early nights sleep. Not that you could sleep with all the rustling, crickets making their weird noises, the rain, the heat!!!

I woke up the next day feeling like absolute poo! We were supposed to go on a 3 hour trek, but I was shaking and going cold and burning up and couldnt eat so I got to stay behind! Thank God, I think the trek would of killed me off! I dont think Im much of a trekky person anyway so I wasnt too bothered.

By lunch time I feeling a bit better, and we started to make our way to our next nights accomodation - the raft houses!! We got on this long tail boat (Me and Charlotte both fell over trying to get into the boat!!) and sailed for 45mins to the raft houses. About 15minutes into this boats ride it started chucking it down with rain! All the way to the houses! I got SOAKED because I was sitting right at the front of the boat! D'oh!

Arrived at the boat houses (with about 12 russians!) and there was a bit of commotion about out accomodation and we were told to wait a minute while the russians went to their raft houses. We were given a beer each. Very nice of them we thought, until we got to our accomodation! The russians had nice wooden raft house with sealed windows and doors and a lovely double bed. We on the other hand got bamboo huts, with a mattress on the floor and a pillow. That was it!!There were so many gaps where they had put the "house together" you were practically outside! The toilet was across the lake up a hill and they werent toilets that we are used to! NO FLUSH!! I had to pour water down it to flush it!! Ah well its all part of the experience!!

The surrounding to the raft houses were absolutley gorgeous and it was pretty chilled out. We went on a night safri in the boat but didnt see anything because it was dark! After the safari, Charlotte became really ill and ended up throwing up all night, poor thing. I was a proper wimp the day before when I was ill, but she had it ten times worse - at least I had a room with a fan and a private toilet! No uch thing for Charlotte, but she survived and is now feeling better :)

I was also quite lucky because I got a mosquito net for Christmas and used that so no creepy crawleys in my bed! Charlotte and Kerri had coakroaches wake them up in the night by scurring along their face! No good! In the morning the russians went off to do something but we stayed behind to look after Charlotte because she was still really ill. Had to wait till 2pm to leave and it took us 4 hours to get back to Patong! It was so hot and there was constant buzzing around us because of all the flies! And then there were the biggest wasps and flying beetles you ever did see! So by the end of it we were all pretty relieved to be going back to some civilisation!

Im glad we tried the experience, but I dont think I will be doing it again. Aircon is a must. And some wifi near by, I found it really difficult being in complete isolation unable to contact anyone. BUT I SURVIVED!!! WOOP! All your messages are really helping me, Im finding it alot more difficult than I thought, still loving it but miss everyone back home so much :)

Tomorrow we are off to Phi Phi :) YEY! Some beautiful beaches await!

I cant get the pictures on here at the moment, so check my facebook for them.

Muchos Love,

Soph xx

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First few days on the other side of the world...




So after a very long journey (3 planes, over 24 hours!!) I have finally arrived at the first destination with my temporary travel buddies, Charlotte and Kerri. The guesthouse is basic but clean and has aircon which is all you can really ask for!! Our first night we stumbled upon a massive thai boxing ring so he had a quick look and my god they proper go for it! Smashing each others faces in! Blood everywhere!001.jpg008.jpg014


Mmmm not really a girly pastime but hey it ws an expereince! The last fight we saw were too European guys, one of them was ginger so I back him all the way! He won! Go Gingers! We went to Phuket Town on our first full day to immerse ourselves in some culture. Took the public bus there and back which was basically like sardines in a can!! and all for 50Baht (£1!) you cant get that sort of value in England ;). We walked all around the old town, found some nice park area where they had been celebrating the Chinese New Year032.jpg, a Buddist Temple046.jpg038.jpg and then we were supposed to go to a local market... but I got us lots and we had headed in the complete opposite direction! Opps! So we gave up on that idea, came back to Patong and went out for some yummy thai food (had my first of what Im sure will be many thai green currys!). We then braved Bangla Road which is where all the nightlife is. We found it difficult to find a normal bar, most of them were lapdancing bars, pingpong bars (errr no thanks) and lady boy bars! But we found an Australian bar which was safe! Then we braved it to what seemed like the biggest bar ever (it was huge!) and they had some Thai girls dancing on the bars but nothing to nasty! The whole place is basically like Magaluf on acid! Not really my sort of thing! Loads of pervy old men with young thais girls :( Not nice!
So today all weve done is chill out and laid on the beach!075.jpg078.jpg Thats more like it I think! Bought some new flipflops because my trusted blue Havianas gave me massive blisters (SOB!) so Ive had to throw them away! Ive already caught the sun slightly so Im thinking 2 and a half months of this and I will be the brownest I have ever been! haha heres hoping! The rest of my pictures will go onto facebook at some point!
Tomorrow We are off to the jungle to do some trekking (!!) and to see lots of pretty wildlife (hopefully no spiders - dont think that going to happen!). Ill update when we get back.

Muchos Love,

Soph xx

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